Strata Residential Finance PLC


David Norman or Chris Hector
Davon Limited
3 Walnut Court
Rose Street
Wokingham RG40 1XU

T: +44 (0)118 978 3955
F: +44 (0)118 978 3899


What is Strata?

Strata is a business that provides mezzanine funding to experienced developers with appropriate residential development schemes in the south of the UK Back to Top

What is the decision making process for making loans?

All new development opportunities are reviewed by Davon as Funding Adviser. Detailed discussions are carried out between Davon and the developer to ensure the experience of the team and the key aspects of the project meet the criteria for Strata. If that is established then Davon will visit the site and analyse the financial viability of the scheme with the developer. Indicative heads of terms can then be issued. Davon then works closely with the developer to collate all detailed information required in order for the usual due diligence to be completed and a formal approval of a facility to be granted by the Strata board. Lawyers are then instructed and Davon liaises closely with the developer, the senior debt lender and all the professionals to ensure matters proceed expediently to completion of the transaction. Back to Top

What type of type of developments are suitable for consideration by Strata?

Strata provides funding for residential developments located in the south of the UK. Typically, projects will have a total development cost of c£2.5m upwards and will demonstrate a healthy profit on cost. Strata will only grant loans to schemes with detailed planning permission and in the South of the UK. Back to Top

What is the term of a typical Strata loan and how is interest charged?

All Strata loans are for a period of twelve months with interest charged on a fixed rate basis. Loans can be repaid at anytime, subject only to a minimum of six months interest being charged. If repayment is made at any time after six months from drawdown, interest is charged for only the length of time that the loan has been outstanding. Back to Top

How complicated is the loan approval process?

One of the main aims of Strata is to provide a responsive service to developers. Once all the relevant information has been provided by the developer to the Funding Adviser and the site visit has taken place, the Board makes the credit decision. Back to Top