Strata has traded since April 2007. It is one of the most active mezzanine lenders in its market. In the period to December 2023, Strata has provided finance for 113 developments, with a total gross development value of c£579m. Over this period the average end unit value was £500,000-550,000. 

To date Strata has made loans to over 60 different developers and 2 or more loans to over 20 developers.

In the opinion of the Board, Strata is well positioned in the lending market due to its track record and liquidity. 

The Company is able to recommend the ‘best in class’ developments proposed by experienced developers, with a proven track record.

Whilst the timing of new loans completing, and existing loans being redeemed, can be affected by seasonal variations in the housing market, the company has traded consistently over time. This is shown in the chart below with the cumulative sums of loans and redemptions shown on a quarterly basis since 2007.


The portfolio of Strata loans benefits from an attractive ‘spread of risk’ in terms of number of developments, number of developers, locations, property types and end values. The approximate location of historic loans is shown on the map below.

Country and EU region boundaries

Indicative location of all loans