Welcome to Strata

Strata is a business that specialises in lending mezzanine finance. It offers a simple, straightforward and transparent structure for residential developments with planning consent in the South of England. In so doing it offers private investors an attractive investment opportunity.

Strata has traded since April 2007. It is one of the most active mezzanine lenders in its market. In the period to December 2020, Strata has provided finance for 99 developments, with a total gross development value of c£520 m. Over this period the average end unit value was c£540,000.

Share Prices

30th June 2024
A Share £1.026
C Share £1.452

A Shares are for income and growth. There is a Dividend, paid at 7-7.25% p.a. for the last 5 yrs (based on £1 share). C Shares are for growth only (no Dividend).

The current entry share price for new investment in Strata Residential Finance plc is £1.026 for A Shares and £1.452 for C Shares. The next investment date is 1st October 2024, based on the entry share price for A and C shares at 30th September 2024.


Loans of £250,000-£2,500,000 are made to experienced developers of residential schemes in the South of England.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions – alternatively you could visit out FAQs page.

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