Strata Residential Finance PLC


Hugh Colville or Simon Hawley
evolve Fund Services Limited

T: +44 (0)20 7259 1029
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Strata was launched in April 2007. In the period to 31st December 2018 it provided finance for 85 schemes, with a total gross development value of c419m and average loan size of circa £550,000.

The Company rejected over £4.25bn of proposed property development, a rejection rate of c90% of loans ‘reviewed’ to those ‘completed’.

Over the same period 66 of the loans were concluded, representing c£36m advanced on c£309m worth of development. 
In the opinion of the Board, Strata is well positioned in the lending market due to its track record and liquidity. The Company is able to recommend the ‘best in class’ developments proposed by experienced developers, with a proven track record.

Strata is constantly reviewing a sustained volume of suitable loan opportunities meaning it continues to be able to lend to 'best in class' borrowers and schemes. 

The portfolio of Strata loans benefits from an attractive ‘spread of risk’ in terms of number of developments, number of developers, locations, property types and end values.